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Filling Material

We offer a wide range of Fillings made of Natural Fibers

Our natural fillings like Cotton, Sheep Wool, Cashmere and Camel,Coconut fibers are used to improve comfort and health additionaly we offer also Felt made of Recyled fibers with high Cotton content.



Cotton Filling is often found at the surface of an interior sprung filled mattress promoting a softer feel and providing excellent absorption and breathable qualities, ideal for the summer side of Mattresses.
We offer Cotton Filling from 100 to 1500 gr/m², width 200-220 cm.


Wool also known for its breathable and natural fibres adds a warm feel to the mattress with good fire retardancy properties, ideal for the winter side of Mattresses.
We offer Wool Filling from 100 to 1500 gr/m², width 200-220 cm.


Silk remains since Marco Polo the synonym of luxury. Silk Filling is added to premium mattresses offering excellent softness with high breathable with thermoregulating properties, Silk Fillings are often used with wool and cotton or blended.
We offer Silk Filling from 100 to 500 gr/m², width 200-220 cm.


Cashmere and Camel Wool:

Both Cashmere and Camel Wool Fillings offer warm feel with excellent softness, ideal for the winter side of luxury Mattresses.
We offer Cashmere and Camel Fillings from 100 to 500 gr/m², width 200-220 cm.

Coconut Fiber:

Cocounut Coir Fibre, is usually applied in sheets combined with Spring, Latex,Natural Fillings or Visco Foam.


Birtex Felt made of mainly Recyled Cotton is used in Bonnell Spring mattress production.
Our range of soft,medium,hard felt goes from 100 to 1500 gr/m².
Customized cut service is a additional advantage of our Felt to save transport cost.


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