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What is ThermoCool?

ThermoCool is a smart technology which offers superior comfort with dual thermo-regulation whatever the season. It is an ideal technology which prevents the sensation of cold by blocking sudden temperature changes when it is cold and keeping the heat and moisture away when it is hot.

Warm when cold-cool when hot!

When the heat changes during the night, the ambient temperature changes; the thermo-regulation requirements of the human body are not always the same.  ThermoCool  technology has been developed with the cooperation of Birtex and Advansa based on this point. Thanks to the dual system of ThermoCool , it smartly adjusts the thermo-regulation needs of the body and ensures keeping cool via evaporation when body heat is up, as well as keeping warm via insulation when body heat is down.

The structure of ThermoCool

Is different from that of a normal fabric. With its widened surface it accelerates evaporation without creating thermal effect on body. In addition to ensuring heat insulation on a hollow surface instead of a flat one, ThermoCool soon harmonizes with body temperature and offers a comfortable sleep environment during the night.

The evolution of comfort!

When outside temperature is high

ThermoCool, which is produced from fibres with increased evaporative surface, can evaporate moisture more quickly than other fabrics. Thanks to the hollow fibres providing rapid creation of moisture as well as a multi-channel surface, ThermoCool technology ensures effective cooling by maximising air circulation. In this way, the body energy turning into heat is transferred. This ensure feeling cool by evaporation no matter how high the body heat, when the temperature of the sleep environment is high.

When outside temperature is low

The hollow cross-section fibres of ThermoCool ensure the fabric to be lightweight in addition to providing heat insulation when the heat is lower at night. This helps to prevent feeling cold after perspiration while improving air circulation to dissipate excess heat to mix up with the air.

Energy originates from body heat and is dissipated on surface of the skin. However, both surface+energy are limited. ThermoCool improves evaporation process by adjusting the body heat at a balanced temperature.

The hollow fibers with the smart fibre mix of ThermoCool is one of the best insulation technologies for keeping warm known to the market.

ThermoCool  transfers moisture 48% better than other fabrics. In other words, it has 48% higher capillarity in addition to 53% better evaporation performance than other products.

Smart technology designed to give these advantages:

The most natural formula of sleep!

Another eco friendly product by Birtex which is taken from nature, developed with technology and presented to customers to protect
the ecological balance.

ThermoCool ECO!

It is an ecological and natural solution to sleep technology using DuPont's Sorona polymer to produce 3GT FIBRE which is inspired from corn. Thanks to its superior features, it can be easily dyed without losing its polyester character.

For a fresh sleep!

The formation of unwanted odour and bacterial growth are under control with the antibacterial protection of ThermoCool Fresh.

ThermoCool Fresh

creates a permanent effect thanks to the active ingredients built into the fibre.


Fresh helps to improve sleep quality by breaking the structure of microbes and hindering the growth of microbe colonies.


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