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Parfume : Ylang Ylang by Birtex

Natural concept - Ylang Ylang

Refreshment with a scent of nature...

One of nature’s most beautiful fragrances is now in your mattress ticking; Ylang Ylang…

If you are looking to get rid of stress as well as relaxation during sleep, the best way to start the day off right is waking up to the pleasant fragrance of Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang, known as the flower of all flowers in South-East Asia, brings an exotic and tranquilizing fragrance, widely used in aromatherapeutic oil, is now in your mattress.

Birtex which meets Nature with sleep presents anti-depressant effect along with other benefits. Ylang Ylang provides comfortable and healthy sleep throughout the night and years thanks to its hypotension regulating, nerve settling effect as well as stimulating the circulation system. Ylang Ylang with enduring fragrance thanks to the micro-capsulation method is healthy and ecological.

Why Ylang Ylang?

Other parfumes are also available like Lavander, Lemon, Chocolate, mint...


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