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A part of Natura Collection , Mattress Ticking made by Recyled Polyester is an alternative solution to protect environment while making comfortable and soft Mattress Fabric with additional marketing value.

Safety and hygiene are the two basic features looked for in mattress ticking. Up to now, these two features were presented separately.
The creator of innovative sleep technologies, Birtex has combined these two features in one smart fabric. Fresh and care.     

Fresh and care is one of the smartest technologies developed for hygienic sleep with its improved air transfer capacity, stain and water repellance. Fresh and care's water repellant feature is enjoined without any extra coating, and therefore, the pores are always open. Due to chemical reactions, features such as flame retardancy as well as dirt repellance were difficult to apply on same fabric. Yet, Fresh and care technology is distinctive in that it bears all these features in one fabric. What is more, in contrast to regular fabrics with flame retarding properties, it has a softer touch.. The flame retardance feature of Fresh and care has been tested by the accredited test labaratory “Satra”.


Safety: Fresh and care's flame retardance fetures have been verified by test results.

Hygiene: Fresh and care's water repellant feature helps keep fabric clean longer. Thanks to the fabric's water repellant characteristics, perspiration does not leave stain as it does on fabrics without Fresh and care properties. Thus your mattress will stay clean longer. 

Comfort: Fabrics that have combined flame retardant and water repellant characteristics are usually stiff and uncomfortable. However, Birtex has been able to overcome the stiff touch problem and presents a soft and comfortable fabric.

Withstands washing: Fresh and care's flame retardant and water repellant characteristics withstand washing.

Uninterrupted air flow: Fresh and care fabric's water repellant feature is attained through a special method that does not involve coating, so the fabric's pores remain open and unclogged and thus allows air to flow through. The special method lets Fresh and care fabric maintain its water repellant features as well as allowing for the free flow of air through the fabric.

Fresh and care will provide you everything for a delightful sleep.


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