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Mattress Components: Wire & Spring

A ) Wire

A good quality Wire is the key of a durable and comfortable Spring Mattress.

We offer steel Wire for Spring Mattresses made by low, medium and high carbon steel ; ranging from 1,3 mm to 2,40 mm diameter.
Rolls that can vary from 100 kg to 900 kg.
Packaging: Core cardboard, steel strapped and nylon overwrap.


B) Bonnell and Pocket Spring Units

We offer two main lines of Springs for Mattresses

1 - Bonnell Spring

Bonnell Spring Mattresses very often combined with Felt are still the best seller in many countries thanks to their durability and competiveness.

Technical Data:

Optionally with a frame, Roll Packed



2 - Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring Mattresses are increasingly demanded in the world markets especially when they are combined with Latex and Memory Foam.

Technical Data:

Double Side and Top Bottom Non Woven, Center Glued, Multi Zones
Roll Packed



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