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3D Spacer

3D is todays worldwide trend for Mattress Borders, we offer different designs and colors of 3D Spacer fabrics, including cutting services.


3D Spacer is combining Comfortable and Healthy Sleep

A tridimensional structure of 3D Spacer (Air Mesh ) fabrics offer not only a attractive look to your mattres but improves mattress comfort and hygiene.

Used at top of the mattresses the mid layer of 3D Spacer plays the role of mini springs and allows pressure to be redistributed equally thus promoting good posture, which is crucial for healthy sleep.

When used at top layer or/and at border 3D Spacer regulates heat and moisture as the structure of fabric, helps to transport liquid away and allow air to flow through. Making your mattress cooler and more comfortable even on hot days.

Additonaly to Comfort and Hygiene improvements, 3D Spacer is also helping to differentiate your product with more technical look.


3D Spacer Advantages:


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