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Natural concept - Silvercare by Birtex

Natural concept - Silvercare

Nature's first anti-bacterial

A naturally antibacterial element known to prevent odors and moisture by warding off the occurrence of bacteria in the first place. Silver is the first known natural anti-biotic magical cure.

Especially at a time when there is a greater appreciation for the value of hidden mines, Birtex is proud to present the many naturally superior benefits of silver on fine mattress ticking.

Select Silvercare for a salubrious and comfortable sleep.

Silvercare provides a hygienic sleep environment by attracting the negatively charged ions of bacteria to its positively charged silver ions and then minimizing the bacteria. Silvercare has lasting anti-bacterial properties that halt the activities of micro-organisms thus preventing the occurrence of mold and bacteria and the odors they cause. The silver ions of Silvercare mattress ticking also have anti-static properties; thereby relieving your body of negatively charged energy and allowing for a restful sleep.

Why silver?


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